It is 16 years since they first broke up and four years since they last performed as a group but Cold Chisel has finally found the right time and the right stage to do it all again.

Reporter: Matt White

Broadcast Date: September 10, 2009

In an announcement that millions of Australian music fans have been waiting for, Today Tonight can exclusively reveal that Cold Chisel is to reunite.

On Saturday December 5, Cold Chisel will be the headline act at ANZ Stadium as part of the final round of the V8 Supercars at Sydney’s Olympic Park.

We get offered lots of things, we’ve been offered lots of things over the years, this happened to be great timing, an incredible event,” they said.

Aussie rockers Jimmy Barnes and Ian Moss will reunite with Don Walker, Phil Small and Steve Prestwich for the iconic event.

Over the years they have been offered a lot of money to regroup over a lot of times.

“We get offered millions regularly,” Moss said.

“We got to the point where although it’s great to make a pile of money it’s got to be right.”

The band wanted the event to be the big thing of summer.

“We wanted it to be really special in Sydney, we want to showcase Sydney and showcase how great an event the V8 Supercars can deliver at Olympic park,” they said.

Tony Cochrane is the boss of V8 Supercars Australia and one of our most successful promoters.

He was the man who got Frank Sinatra back to Australia for the opening of Sanctuary Cove in 1987 and kept asking Chisel to come together.

“I always say in life provided the very, very last question is a yes, you’re OK,” he said.

The band formed in 1973 and hit the road hard for a decade. Famous for hits such as Flame Trees, Khe Sahn, the group split up in 1983 and have only been back together three times since.

They have gone on to sell five million albums.

“There’s the thing that your best work is always in front of you,” Moss said.

“With these guys being on stage with a lot of people, it’s pretty hard to find the chemistry and excitement that happens.

“There’s a chemistry and excitement that happens invariably every time.”

The group’s songwriter and keyboardist Don Walker said his family is happy with the reunion.

“They’re pretty excited, their kids can bring their friends,” he said.

The band will have to rehearse fairly well beforehand and joked that an autocue is not required.

“The only time I’ve ever forgotten Khe Sahn was on the Last Stand and I pretended I was letting the audience sing it, read their lips and I was okay,” Barnes said.

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