Ian Moss Best Singer Guitarist

Photo by Marty Williams

Our 2014 Poll on the Best Australian and International Singer/Guitarist has been run and won. The Australian winner is legendary Cold Chisel guitarist and ARIA award winning solo artist IAN MOSS. Taking out the international top spot is god himself, ERIC CLAPTON.

Others who polled well in the Australian category were; John Butler, Paul Kelly, Diesel, Chris Cheney and Kevin Borich. Internationally, there was much love for Bruce Springsteen, Mark Knopfler, John Mayer, BB King, Dave Grohl and Neil Young.

From the moment our poll began, Ian Moss hit the front running and never lost the lead as Australia’s Best Singer/Guitarist, winning with 39% of the vote. Raised in Alice Springs, Moss made his mark early with iconic Australian rockers Cold Chisel. Right from the band’s debut album in 1973 he not only displayed his dexterous, tasteful guitar licks but also showed his considerable vocal talent on tracks such as One Long Day and Rosaline. If that wasn’t proof enough that he was the real deal vocally, instrumentally and also a songwriter of significance, his debut solo album Matchbook blew everyone away. It featured two hit singles, Tuckers Daughter and Telephone Booth, and made it to the top of the charts. It also earned him five ARIA awards including Album and Single of the Year.

To many however, Mossy’s greatest achievements will be the intros and solos on classic Cold Chisel songs like ‘Forever Now’, ‘Tomorrow’, and ‘Standing in the Outside’ to mention only a handful.

In 2007, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Ian Moss and The Living End’s Chris Cheney and this was Ian’s view of the perfect guitar solo.
“The ideal thing is that you get so lost in it that you are unaware of what you’re doing, just immersing yourself in it,” he said. “You get to the end of it and you don’t even know what you played. You listen back to it and think, shit I didn’t even know I had done that. That kind of happened once or twice.”

Yet, for every guitar fan salivating over the solos, there will be other Moss fans who would rate his vocal performances on Bow River, My Baby and Georgia just as highly … and that’s why he was voted Australia’s Best Singer/Guitarist.

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