Virtual Jeff Wins Best in Show at NAMM

Very happy to be the recipients of the Best In Show Award at the 2016 National Association of Music Merchants Show in Anaheim.

Just in case you are wondering what Virtual Jeff is all about, here’s the low down.

Virtual Jeff is the 21st century Whammy. It has the sensitivity and intuitive response only a whammy bar provides. And it fits on any guitar, just where you want a whammy to be.

There’s no string torture, neck stress, or tuning problems. It’s electronic, not mechanical like legacy vibrato arms.

It works on any guitar – electric and acoustic (6,7,8 and 12 strings), basses and mandolin, ukulele, banjo, sitar even accordion, if you must.

It fits in seconds without holes, routing or modifications of your instrument, so it’s the perfect upgrade, especially for all those guitars that don’t have a whammy! And many that do.

Virtual Jeff has high-precision pitch control – with zero errors at every setting. That’s guaranteed. All night. The stomp box controller is easy to use on stage, in the studio, in the bedroom. It has user Pitch Pre-sets and a Mode footswitch to seamlessly swap between them. And True Bypass too.

Virtual Jeff bends pitch smoothly, just like a normal whammy. Dips, subtle waggles, bend to new notes – even dive bombs. On chords too. Fake a pedal steel, go wild with open tunings, play the blues, rock all night, scream like metal. No limits.

For full specs download the Virtual Jeff brochure. virtual-jeff-brochure